Pantomath is End-to-End Observability and Traceability for Data Pipelines

Operations Center
Pipeline Lineage
Automated Ticketing
Business Intelligence
Data Modeling
Data Warehouse
Data Integration
Source System

The World’s Leading Companies Trust Pantomath

Transform Your Data Operations Model


data reliability issues through real-time alerts


with aggregated logs & cross-platform lineage


root cause instantly


issues quickly with automated impact analysis

Pantomath Integrations

Pantomath provides out of the box pipeline lineage and alerting frameworks allowing your operations teams to quickly identify and remediate issues

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Unlock Benefits for Your Organization

Data Reliability

Improved Data Reliability and Availability with Pantomath

Enable a data-driven culture with real-time health check status to drive trust in data.

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Higher Productivity with Fewer Ops Fire Drills

Automating data operations, Pantomath allows your team to streamline remediation efforts and focus on what matters

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Cost Savings

Unified Operations with Reduced Support Needs

Empower support teams and SREs to monitor the entire data stack with end-to-end cross-platform observability

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AICPA SOC 2 Security

Pantomath makes sure your data is always safe and sound

Automated data operations across your data stack

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